Trainer Hoang Pham

Hoang Pham started to learn Vovinam in the end of 2010 with master Vittorio Cera at Vo Duong Gorla in Milan, Italia. Master Vittorio Cera is the technical director of the European Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation EVVF and holds Hong Dai Nhi Cap (6th Dang).

Currently holds Hoang Dai (Yellow Belt, in Vovinam, it means the initial Trainer’s belt). He has gone through Lam Dai (Blue Belt) exams in Milan, Italy:

  • Lam Đai (Blue Belt), in June 2011
  • Lam Đai Nhất Cấp (Blue Belt 1st Cap), in May 2012
  • Lam Đai Nhị Cấp (Blue Belt 2nd Cap), in May 2013
  • Lam Đai Tam Cấp (Blue Belt 3rd Cap), in June 2014

In 17th May 2015 in Briosco (MB), Italy, he passed the Hoang Dai (Yellow Belt) at the exam session organized by the Italian Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation.

During his Vovinam career, he has attent several Vovinam seminars and championships in Italy and also abroad:

  • Vovinam Seminar in October 2011, organized by the Deutschen Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Fachverband DVVF
  • Seminar and demonstration at the Asian Festival in Marina di Carrara in 2011,he joined a team of 4 athletes and performed Vovinam Leg Attack.
  • Joined the free fight tournament in Italy under the weight category 70kg.
  • Performed leg attack in June 2012 at the end of season demonstration in Municipio 2 (Milano)
  • Joined the Gorla team to perform Leg Attack demonstration at the event organized by Vietnamese Embassy in Milan in 2013.
  • EVVF-Seminar in Frankfurt am Main in May 2016.

In October 2015, he moved to Potsdam, Germany to work permanently as a Software Developer in a startup located in Berlin. Since Berlin has no Vovinam presence, he has to train his neighbour’s son in a park in Potsdam. In April 2016, he moved to live in Lichstenberg district, Berlin. After the EVVF seminar in Frankfurt am Main, he met master Tran Dai Chieu, 6th Dang, Vice president of German Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation DVVF. Master Chieu suggested him to open a Vovinam class in Berlin to teach beginners Vovinam techniques. With great help and support from master Chieu, he contacted Mr. Hoang Vinh, the previous maintainer of the Vovinam Berlin group, and resurrected the Vovinam movement in Berlin. First class started in June 2016 in a Driving school in Dong Xuan Center (Fahrschule Hoan Kiem).

In September 2016, he was accepted to open a new Vovinam department in S.V. Tora club, and became the leader of the department. Since then, the club trains 3 times per week in Lichstenberg district and Friedrichshain district in Berlin.

Timetables and training halls

The martial art is for everyone, you're encouraged to attend two initial free trial trainings.

Grundschule auf dem Lichtenberg. Adresse: Atzpodienstr. 19, 10365, Berlin:

  • Monday (Adults), 20:30 - 22:00

Grundschule im Gutspark. Adresse: Josef - Orlopp - Straße 20, 10367, Berlin:

  • Saturday, 12 - 13:30 (Children and Adults). 13:30 - 16:00 (Adults)
  • Sunday, 13:30 - 15:00 (Children and Adults). 15:00 - 16:30 (Adults)