The Vovinam Berlin SV-Tora is a club inside the German Vovinam Federation - DVVF

After the initial period training in the Hoan Kiem driving school, and many times in the park. The Vovinam Berlin is now a department inside SV-Tora Berlin club.

And it is also a member of the German Vovinam Federation. Vovinam Viet Vo Dao German Federation website: DVVF

Vovinam Berlin logo

The first lesson was taken place at the Fahrschule Hoan Kiem, Dong Xuan center on the evening of 2nd June 2016.

Vovinam Berlin at Driving School Hoan Kiem

With only 2 athletes, the team performed during the SV-Tora annual family festival event in July 2016.

Vovinam Berlin performed during the SV-Tora Family Festival 2016

In July 2016, Hoang Pham joined the DVVF team to attend the European Vovinam Championship in Geneve, Switzerland as a Visitor

European Vovinam Championship in Geneve

The team participated actively in Berlin City’s sports event, trained for the whole day in the park for dozens of newcomers at the Berlin Familiensportfest August 2016

Training at the Berlin Familiensportfest  August 2016

In November 2016, master Chieu joined the team in Berlin to give 3 days training to the team.

training with master Chieu november 2016

The first Vovinam Christmas party organized in December 2016 with more than 15 people present.

The first Vovinam Berlin Christmas party

In February 2017, the team participated for the first time in a German Vovinam Federation event in Langenhagen for Fighting Referee training with 2 athletes.

In March 2017, the team had an interesting day training with master Vittorio Cera, who is the master of trainer Hoang Pham while he trained in Italy for 5 years.

training with master Vittorio Cera

training with master Vittorio Cera, group photo

In April 2017, the first 3 athletes from the team did the blue belt exam with master Chieu when he joined the team in Berlin.

Vovinam Berlin - Blue belt exam

In May 2017, the team with 5 athletes joined the Seminar and Gio-To event in Munich

Seminar and Gio-To in Munich

In June 2017, the team with 5 athletes joined for the first time the German Vovinam Championship and won some Silver and Bronze Medals.

Vovinam Berlin at the German Vovinam DVVF Championship 2017

DVVF Championship

In June 2017, the team performed a demonstration at the SV-Tora Familienfest. One of the biggest event of the Club in a year.

In September 2017, for the second time, the team joined the Berlin City’s Familiensportfest, invited the Frankfurt team to do a demonstration in front of hundreds of visitors in the event, creating huge impacts and emotions to the audience.

Training with master Chieu and master Du the day before the event

Training with master Chieu and master Du the day before the event

The performance at the event:

In October 2017, the team joined a Weekend seminar and training in Ronneburg with 6 athletes.

Ronneburg 2017

Timetables and training halls

The martial art is for everyone, you're encouraged to attend two initial free trial trainings.

Grundschule auf dem Lichtenberg. Adresse: Atzpodienstr. 19, 10365, Berlin:

  • Monday (Adults), 20:30 - 22:00

Grundschule im Gutspark. Adresse: Josef - Orlopp - Straße 20, 10367, Berlin:

  • Saturday, 12 - 13:30 (Children and Adults). 13:30 - 16:00 (Adults)
  • Sunday, 13:30 - 15:00 (Children and Adults). 15:00 - 16:30 (Adults)